11/1/2017Rescue470th St. & Hwy. 601-Vehicle accident
21/2/2017Rescue490th St. & Jackson Ave.1- Vehicle accident
31/3/2017Rescue500th St. & Ironwood Ave.1- Vehicle accident
41/5/2017Rescue108 Kansas Ave. NW. appt. 4-CAmbulance assist
51/6/2017Rescue208 18th St. NW.1- Vehicle accident
61/8/2017Mutual Aid826 5th St. SE. (LeMars)Structure Fire
71/8/2017Trouble101 14th St. SE.Frozen sprinkler pipe
81/9/2017Trouble101 14th St. SE.Alarm system malfunction
91/9/2017Trouble101 14th St. SE.Alarm system malfunction
101/13/2017Chief investigation216 Michigan Ave. SW.Accidental pull station
111/16/2017Mutual AidLeMars Station 1Fire Standby
121/25/2017Rescue400th St. and Ironwood Ave.2- Vehicle accident
131/27/2017Rescue490th St. and Jackson Ave.1- Vehicle accident
141/27/2017Rescue400th St. and Ironwood Ave.2- Vehicle accident
151/27/2017RescueW. of Ironwood Ave. on 400th St.4- Vehicle accident
161/28/2017Automatic Aid1104 5th Ave. (Alton)Alarm system malfunction
173/4/2017Fire315 Iowa Ave. SW.oven fire
183/20/2017Rescue111 3rd St. NW2- Vehicle accident
193/20/2017RescueHwy. 60 and Jackson Ave.3- Vehicle accident
203/22/2017Rescue3700 block of 400th St.2- Vehicle accident
213/23/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
223/29/2027Chief investigation107 3rd St. NE.Alarm system malfunction
233/29/2017Trouble703 Albany Ave. SE.Alarm system malfunction
244/7/2017Chief investigation120 8th St. SE.Odor investigation
254/12/2017Fire450th St. and Ibex Ave.Grass fire
264/15/2017Trouble104 8th St. SW.Smoke in structurre
274/27/2017Trouble1020 Albany Pl. SE.Sprinkler system malfunction
285/1/2017False Alarm703 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/faulty detector
295/9/2017Haz-Mat1401 8th St. SE.Carbon monoxide detector alarm
305/11/2017False Alarm703 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/faulty detector
315/12/2017Good Intent4981 Hwy 60Report of fire/no fire
325/12/2017Call for service1520 Albany Pl. SE.Fire safety training
335/13/2017Fire505 Zuider Zee Dr. SE.Structure fire
345/14/2017Trouble1000 Lincoln Cir. SE.General fire alarm/broken water line
355/16/2017Call for service1520 Albany Pl. SE.Fire safety training
365/17/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
375/18/2017Rescue450th St. and Ironwood Ave.2- Vehicle accident
385/22/2017Trouble101 14th St. SE.Heat detector malfunction
395/22/2017False Alarm400 Central Ave. NWLow water flow to sprinkler
405/22/2017False Alarm1020 Albany Pl. SE.Low water flow to sprinkler
415/25/2017RescueHwy. 60 and Jackson Ave.2 - Vehicle accident
426/2/2017RescueFlorida Ave. and 2nd St. NW.2- Vehicle accident
436/5/2017Trouble303 19th St. SE.General fire alarm/broken sprinkler head
446/5/2017Mutual AidLeMars Station 1Fire Standby
456/6/2017False Alarm615 Colorado Ave. SW.General fire alarm
466/9/2017Mutual AidLeMars Station 1Fire Standby
476/9/2017Rescue5th St. SE. and First Ave. (LeMars)Vehicle verses child
486/12/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
496/13/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
506/26/2017Rescue316 2nd St. NE.Ambulance assist
516/29/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
526/29/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
537/12/2017Mutual Aid498 4th Ave. NE. (Sioux Center)Structure fire
547/14/2017Mutual Aid1191 18th St. SW. (LeMars)Structure fire
557/17/2017Mutual Aid1620 24th St. SW. (LeMars)Structure fire
567/19/2017False Alarm420 Central Ave. NW.General fire alarm/accidental pull station
577/21/2017Trouble1104 5th Ave. (Alton)General fire alarm/faulty detector
587/24/2017Trouble101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/ faulty detector
597/25/2017RescueAlbany Ave. and Hwy. 102- Vehicle accident
607/27/2017Fire4280 Jackson Ave. hay on fire
617/28/2017Rescue118 Florida Ave. NW.Ambulance assist
628/2/2017False Alarm312 First St. SW.General fire alarm/accidental pull station
638/4/2017Trouble615 8th St. SE.General fire alarm/faulty detector
648/5/2017False Alarm101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/wet detector
658/5/2017False Alarm101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/wet detector
668/10/2017Haz-Mat304 Frankfort Ave. SE.Carbon monoxide detector alarm
678/10/2017Trouble1000 Lincoln Circle SE.General fire alarm/system malfunction
688/12/2017Mutual Aid3620 370th St. (Hull)Structure fire
698/14/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationFire safety training with NWC students
708/15/2017Fire490th St. and Ironwood Ave.Debris pile on fire (demolished house)
718/19/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
728/20/2017Haz-Mat315 Albany Ave. SE.Carbon monoxide detector alarm
738/20/2017Trouble1208 Oakwood Ct. (Alton)General fire alarm/system malfunction
748/21/2017Call for serviceOCFD StationStorm warning
758/22/2017Rescue1007 7th St. NE.Ambulance assist
768/26/2017Call for service700 Block of Frankfort Ave. SE.Wash down
778/28/2017Mutual AidMile marker 13 Hwy. 60 (Alton)Semi rollover
789/2/2017False Alarm101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/wet detector
799/7/2017Fire4280 Jackson Ave.hay on fire
809/8/2017Fire4280 Jackson Ave.hay on fire
819/10/2017Mutual Aid19 Lincoln St. SE. (LeMars)Smoke in structure
829/13/2017Mutual Aid13167 Nickel RD. (LeMars)Structure fire
839/21/2017Call for service1110 Albany PL. SE.Fire safety training with Diamond Vogel Paints
849/24/2017False Alarm1007 7th St. NE.General fire alarm/steam
859/24/2017Trouble1104 5th Ave. (Alton)General fire alarm/faulty detector
869/30/2017Good Intent3300 Blk. of 400th St.Report of structure fire/no fire
8710/2/2017Trouble1104 5th Ave. (Alton)General fire alarm/system malfunction
8810/2/2017False Alarm703 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/over spray in detector
8910/6/2017False Alarm1104 5th Ave. (Alton)General fire alarm/proper ID to cancel
9010/9/2017Haz-Mat118 Florida Ave. NW. appt. 10Carbon monoxide detector alarm
9110/9/2017Trouble703 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/faulty detector
9210/15/2017Trouble914 8th St. SE.General fire alarm/burnt food
9310/31/2017Haz-Mat1000 Lincoln Circle SE.Assist hopspital with decon (victim with anhydrous ammonia)
9411/5/2017Trouble703 Colorado Ave. SW.General fire alarm/burnt food
9511/7/2017Haz-Mat104 8th St. SW.Natural gas leak inside structure
9611/11/2017Mutual AidLeMars Station 1Haz-Mat standby
9711/21/2017Mutual AidLeMars Station 1Fire standby
9812/12/2017Mutual Aid100 Block of Central Ave. SW. (LeMars)Structure fire