11/1/2018Trouble101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/frozen sprinkler head
21/2/2018Trouble1000 Lincoln Circle SE.General fire alarm/frozen sprinkler head
31/11/2018Structure fire403 14th St. SE.Trash can inside manufacturing facility
41/16/2018False Alarm1000 Lincoln Circle SE.Child pulled pull station
51/21/2018Good Intent1213 Hwy. 10 W.Report of structure fire/no fire
61/22/2018Structure fire3912 400th St.Dairy barn on fire
71/29/2018Auto aid1001 Industrial Ave. (Alton)General fire alarm/system malfunction
81/30/2018Structure fire1210 Hwy. 10 W.Electrical fire - autobody shop
92/3/2018Trouble104 8th St. SW,general fire alarm/faulty detector
102/11/2018Mutual AidLeMars Station 1Fire standby
112/11/2018Rescue311 Florida Ave. SW.Ambulance assist
122/11/2018Auto aid1001 Industrial Ave (Alton)General fire alarm/system malfunction
132/14/2018Mutual Aid1191 18th St. SW. (LeMars)Structure fire
142/21/2018Good Intent407 Albany Ave. SE.Report of structure fire/no fire
153/11/2018Good Intent426 Florida Ave. SW.Odor investigation
163/16/2018MVA1/2 mile E. of Jackson Ave. on 400th St.2 - vehicle accident
173/16/2018MVAMM-9 Hwy. 601 - vehicle accident