Mission Statement:

Orange City Fire Department, Committed to Preserving, Life and Property, Professionally and Safely

Insurance Services Office Rating: 3

This number is determined by how well a fire station serves its community, with lower numbers being a better score. 

Department consist of:

1 Chief

2 Assistant Chiefs

4 Captains

18 Firefighters

1 Student Firefighters

Average Calls Per Year:100

Provide automatic aid to Alton, IA.

1-Engine – Aerial – Equipment Truck – Total of 10 Fire Fighters minimum.

Provide mutual aid to 11 communities in Sioux County and aid to surrounding counties.

Provide a Rapid Intervention Team to surrounding communities.

Are National Incident Management System compliant


Organized: 1898

Population Protected: 6,500

Territory: 56 1 /2 square miles; 30,732 Crop Land Covered


Engine 60 1250 GPM Pump

Engine 65 1250 GPM Pump

Ladder 61 2000 GPM Pump, 105 Ft Areal Ladder

Rescue 63

Tanker 64 1500 Gal

Tanker 66 2000 Gal


*Business Meeting every month on the 2nd monday

*Training meeting on the 4th monday of every month